Pop, Pop, Fizz, Fizz… oh what a Beer it is! hellboy

The Summer of Cans has begun and as we all know the CAN is the superior vessel for all beverage needs.  Cans can, HA, go anywhere, keep your drink safe from light, and they can survive most falls.  There are few sounds more satisfying than the opening of a beer can. The release of pressure and the fizz of the tasty carbonated brew should be music to your ears.

Tecate is a great summertime Mexican lager.  You have likely seen their unmistakable red cans out at your favorite Mexican eateries whether you knew it or not.  Well, Tecate has gone on to do something we here at The Brewery have never seen before (and that’s saying a lot, we have been around the beer spectrum).

Tecate has come out with a commercial print ad where your love of that fizziness can now be combined with everyone’s strange, deep fascination with popping bubble wrap.  Tecate, which is a branch of Heineken international, latest print ad features an ice cold Tecate with a bubble wrap head that you can pop to your sexually frustrated, OCD’s heart’s delight.

We often talk about beer advertising here since The Brewery is not just about drinking beer and beer tastes.  That ad makes me want to run out and grab some Tecate. If I didn’t already like Tecate something like this ad would definitely get me to take notice.   The next time I’m in say Pops Garage in Asbury Park, NJ and I see a bunch of Mexican beers I know to get Tecate.

If you are out to dinner or lunch and you see they offer Tecate as a choice be sure to get one.  Most classy restaurants will salt the rim of your Tecate can and then stick a lime in the opening.  I have yet to see better garnishing of can.  But, as I mentioned, the Summer of Cans has just begun, so I will make it a point to share any novel beer can garnishes I come across in the next few months.

Tecate is also the beer of choice of Hellboy.  You remember Hellboy right? It came out 10 years ago with a sequel 6 years ago. Well, if you don’t remember, then I highly recommend watching them.  I am starting to feel old with my movie references.  Anyway, what was I getting at?  Oh right, if it’s good enough for Hellboy, then it is good enough for me.