Can’t Spell DRINK without INK

INK! FULL SLEEVES! TRAMP STAMPS!  REGRETS! All of these terms should bring about one thought in your mind, and that thought is TATTOOS!  That’s right Regulars, we have finally found a way to include tattoos as part of a Brewery article.  We have been given this opportunity thanks to the good hard-working people over Silk City Tattoo and D.G. Yuengling and Son.

D.G. Yuengling and Son is an independent brewery in Pottsville, Pa.  You probably know them better as just “Yuengling”.  If you are from Pennsylvania then due to Yuengling’s popularity, you might just know them as “Lager”.  Yuengling is actually the oldest operating brewery in the United States having been in existence since 1829.

But we’re not here for a history lesson, BRING ON THE TRAMP STAMPS!

That’s right, in a cross promotion between Yuengling and Silk City Tattoo you will soon have the ability to possibly get your regretful tattoo covered up for free!  Remember that Tasmanian Devil tattoo with the fire helmet you got in the 80’s that now looks like child’s drawing?!  See you later Taz!  First wife’s name?  Like your bank account, GONE!  What about that tattoo you got on the boardwalk one summer that just doesn’t look quite like Jack Nicholson from The Shining?  Johnny’s here no more!

And yes, Ladies, is there a bad memory etched into your lower back slightly above your butt that you wish wasn’t there?  Did you once put a star there to show your uniqueness only to realize every other woman in the world also put a star, flower or name in the same exact place?!  Were you mortified when having a tattoo in that space became instant visual verification between you and your promiscuity?  Well, we can’t have it removed, but we can certainly make it look better, AND you won’t even have to sleep with the tattoo artist to get it done!  Though we all know you would.

Let me clarify, these tattoo’s won’t just be inked over like you were kicked out of the Sons of Anarchy.  These are CUSTOM COVER-UPS we are talking.  That Tasmanian Devil can now become something meaningful or at least updated to SpongeBob SquarePants in a fire helmet!

So get ready Regulars, get ready to cover up the regrets!  The cross promotion between Silk City Tattoo and Yuengling will be hitting a bar near you soon!  And remember, even if you don’t win, Yuengling can still ease your pain.