Not your dad’s beer

For well over a decade the face of beer and the beer industry has been changing.  There were specialty and craft beers 15 years ago, but it was limited to local brews and big, well established brewers like Sam Adams, that were able to get a wider area of distribution.  That is no longer the case.  With the explosion in craft beer and breweries opening left and right, distributors have taken notice and are welcoming our new craft beer overlords.

One distributor that is answering the call and embracing all of this tasty craft beer is Kohler Distributing Company based out of Hawthorne, NJ.  They went ahead and proved this by dedicating this entire month to craft beer and a few of the brews that they are highlighting are some of my favorites.

Spoetzl Brewery which produces the popular line of Shiner Beers with Shiner Bock being their flagship brew.  If you have never had a Shiner beer, stop what you are doing and go get their “Family Reunion” variety pack.  Honestly though if you are a regular to this article and you haven’t gotten a Shiner yet then you just haven’t been paying attention and are probably just looking at the pretty pictures.

For those of you that live near “Brewery Comic” there is a fantastic local brewery right in Pearl River, NY, Defiant.  Defiant has growlers to go, and it’s located right next to the train station for the Pearl River stop, and they have some kickass BBQ if you are also looking for a bite to eat.  You can find their brews at your local watering hole by looking for the paddle tap that will have you thinking NSFW thoughts.  Let’s keep it clean people.

Some other great brews you can try the next time you head to the pub are Newburgh Brewing from upstate, NY or KelSo which brews out of Brooklyn and is headed by former NYC Brew Pub, “Heartland Brewery” Head Brewer Kelly Taylor.

Speaking of heading out to your local pub, time and time again we suggest finding a great craft beer bar in your area.   In fact we suggest trying one in our Brew Years Resolutions.  Craft bars are a great place to support Kohler’s effort of promoting craft beer and to try one of the brews I suggested above.  Again if you are in the “Brewery Comic” area (North Jersey) there are tons!  A few of our favorites are Andy’s Corner Bar in Bogota, The Copper Mine Pub in North Arlington, or retro arcade and craft beer bar Barcade in Jersey City which is super awesome and near my house.  I call that a Win/Win.

There is no better time than now to get out there and try some awesome new craft beers.