Friendly Canadians

With the 2014 Winter Olympics under way I’ve been prone to chanting “USA, USA, USA!” most places that I go.  Chanting emphatically for one’s country usually produces strange looks. Apparently most people don’t care about the Winter Olympics.  I was unaware of this indifference to global competition.  I personally find many events in both the Summer and Winter Olympics incredibly enjoyable to watch.

But… it takes only one look outside to know that we are definitely still experiencing winter.

My favorite Winter Olympic specific sports are curling, biathlon, and Ice Hockey.  They all make for great viewing.  I knew I’d be settling in to watch some curling and hockey over these next two weeks, so I headed to my local beer store for some brews from ‘Merica and saw something that I simply had to have.

Labatt Blue’s USA division has gone ahead and produced some of the most awesome cans I have ever seen.   On their Blue and Blue Light cans Labatt has printed the 1960, 1980, 2002, and 2010 USA hockey jerseys.  Looking at the cans I couldn’t help but get them even though the brew on the inside was originally made in Canada.

John Kinder Labatt founded Labatt in 1847 in London, Ontario, Canada.  For those not familiar with Labatt, it is a clean refreshing pilsner sort of like a Budweiser and speaking of Budweiser, they are the current owners of Labatt in the United States.  Essentially all US Labatt is made by Bud while all Canadian Labatt is brewed by Labatt, so even though this tasty stuff came from Canada at one point now it is really a good old USA brew.  This was a win/win… unlike Justin Bieber.  Canada can have him back.

As a regular visitor to Canada in my younger days, particularly the Toronto area I’ve been a fan of Labatt and Canadian beer in general for years.  Moosehead, Molson, Labatt.  They remind me of hockey and I love hockey.   With the Olympics, hockey and the nonstop snow we’ve been getting why not settle in with some Canadian brew?

If you are looking to root on Team USA it’s a-ok to grab some of these “Canadian” beers and their super awesome USA Hockey Jersey cans.  If canning was a Winter Olympic event, we would be taking home the Gold.  Go ahead and grab some today, ya hoser.


For dave:  Labatt is the go to for hockey/beer related items.  I once questioned a guy at a Devils game about his Labatt/Sabres trucker hat and he just ignored me like I’m some drunken maniac, which I am or at least was at the time.  I asked if he got it in a case of beer, which I am pretty sure he did, but he just simply refused to respond to me.



More cool cans for retired Sabres: