Brew Year’s Resolution

At the beginning of every year people make these things called “resolutions”.  Resolutions are nothing more than silly little promises for the coming year.   These promises easily could have been made at any point during the preceding year.  Seriously what is stopping someone from making one of these on September 3rd versus January 1st?

Everyone says they want to work out more, eat healthier, save money, get up earlier, drink less or quit booze altogether.  Those resolutions are the most popular, and also the ones that most people fail at.  I have an idea to make your chances of success a little higher.  How about instead of drinking less,  you just drink better?

First you should try something different.  If you are already drinking new beers and open to new things, then consider yourself ahead of the game. We all have our go-to-drinks when go out so why not try something else?  If you normally drink lager, try an ale or a new brand of your favorite style. Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy.  A lot of craft beer bars offer beer flights where you can get several tasting sized brews to expand your palate.  Even if you have decided you don’t like a particular style of beer, it’s important to try that style again through another brewer’s interpretation, you just might realize you like it.

Changing you beer style can also apply to changing your bar style.  I’m sure your local dive is great, but there might be a craft beer bar just around the corner that you never even thought about.  Some newer craft beer bars are even getting into beer based mixed drinks.

Do your research.  After you’ve tried a few different brews go online or buy a book about beer.  You can definitely learn plenty about beer through this article weekly, but I can only lead you beer, I can’t make you drink.  Use that new beer knowledge to impress your friends when you go out.  That’s a dual resolution achieved because I’m sure you resolved to impress your friends more in the New Year.

Finally, brew your own.  What better way to understand what you’ve been drinking?   If you are concerned about ‘the health factor’, there’s no better way than to make it yourself and control the ingredients that go into your beer.  Plus brewing gives you a level of self-satisfaction similar to that of completing a marathon, so it’s kind of like running.

There you have it, Brewery Comic’s Guide for Stupid Resolutions that will keep you drinking this year.  You can thank me later.