Thanks Alexander!  Xmas has never looked better!  Check out Parts 1 and Part 2 if you have not already.

To Fans: From Jim

If you are reading this, then please take a moment to appreciate the scenario.  You are reading an article printed on newsprint.  One day in the future I believe that newsprint will cease to be.  I have grown up exclusively within a time where newsprint exists.  I believe there is no better form of reading then a freshly printed article on newsprint.

Newsprint smells crisp, it feels earthy, it lets you know that if you were to dispose of it, it would dissolve into the world and reemerge as a flower or patch of grass someday.  I love newsprint.

Ever since I could hold a pencil I have drawn.  I have drawn until my fingers hurt.  I have ignored the countless warnings from my grandmother that I would ruin my eyes from keeping my face too close to the paper as I drew.  Every comic I drew, I would imagine the day I saw my work in the newspaper, or as my grandmother liked to say “the funny pages”.

I finally caught a break in college.  I was able to get Happy Hour printed back in 2004 as an ongoing daily comic strip in my college’s newspaper.  To this day Happy Hour is still the only independent entry in their lineup.

I have submitted my comics several times to real newspaper syndicates, and, as you can imagine, I have a nice stack of rejection letters.  Apparently the public isn’t ready to see homicidal gingerbread men next to Snoopy just yet.

I have gone on to do artwork for magazines and newspapers across the world.  They are just little commission jobs to keep the dream going.  The money is nice.  It has helped me splurge here and there.  But at the end of the day, what really makes me happy is what you see before you, week after week.  What makes me happy is seeing my work in print.

I hope you enjoy this moment, I hope you are able to read these words and appreciate that they aren’t on a phone, tablet or computer.  They are instead, printed for you to read and consider, and take if you will.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

To Fans: From Phil

In 2013 The Brewery took a huge step forward.  Not only did we produce more comics, blogs, write ups, beer news stories and reviews than any other previous year, but we also evolved into interviews with some major US based brewers.   Since this is the time of year for giving why not go back through our archive and give the gift of beer by selecting one of the breweries we interviewed and then pointing the person receiving your beery gift to our site to learn more about that brewer.  Brilliant right?  I know!

As a thank you to our Regulars for reading The Brewery I will make it easy on you and list the breweries we’ve interviewed and one of their beers for the season:

Evil Genius Beer Co:  Grab a growler of their seasonal “Naughty or Nice” Winter Warmer.

Starr Hill Brewing:  Get that special someone or your Secret Santa some bottles of “Snow Blind”.  That will keep them warm.

NJ Beer Co:  Can’t go wrong with the “Garden State Stout” this time of year.

Six Point:  Grab a 4 pack of “Global Warmer”.  It comes in tall, slim cans perfect for stocking stuffing!

Just Beer Project:  Alan would want you to give Just Beer’s “Just IPA”

Shipyard:  Our biggest interview of the year.  Shipyard has a ton of choices, so maybe get a few.  Try the Mint Chocolate Stout from the Pugsley Signature Series, “Prelude Special Ale”, the perfect winter warmer, or their “Longfellow Winter Ale” which is a hybrid of a porter and a Scottish ale.

Carton Brewing:  Grab the warming spice of their winter warmer, “Decoy”.  A strong Belgium Ale which will keep your friends warm even when no fireplace is nearby.

Thanks for a great year fans!  We hope to bring you much of the same in 2014.

Happy Holidays!