We now continue our special Christmas Treat to all of you regular readers.  We proudly present PART 2 (check out part 1) of The Colder Express drawn by the incredibly talented in art and liver, Alexander Clare.

As you regulars are well aware, we publish the Brewery one to two times a week without payment or pitch.  We ask so very little of our readers and simply plug on with the knowledge that we have made someone smile or gave someone a discussion topic over at the ole water cooler.

I assume a typical post-Brewery conversation would follow as such:

Guy 1: Did you hear some Japanese beer company is making Garlic Beer?

Guy 2: No Shit?!

Guy 1: Yeah… no shit indeed.

As you can imagine, the first sentence is the only one that changes.  Whether it’s Space Beer, Ikea Beer, Hanson Beer, a new can, a new ingredient, a new process, you can always count on the Brewery to bring you the story first so that you can be sure of eliciting the response “no shit” from your co-workers.

Going back to what we ask of you, essentially nothing.  I now ask one small tiny favor.  I ask that you share the Brewery the way you would share a good beer.  Share the Brewery the way you would share 1500 photos of your life on Facebook.  Share the Brewery the way you would share a meme with Ed Helms making a funny face with some dialogue about Obamacare.  Take a second this holiday season to share the Brewery, share the one thing that LITERALLY keeps on giving (one to two days a week).

We are one week away from Christmas, and as a final treat for the year, we will be posting the third and final strip of this guest series on Christmas Day.  So fire up that new XBOX One and log onto the internet, make sure to allow all updates, and then head over to The Brewery and view the Christmas Comic glory of The Colder Express Part III.

We’ll see you this Sunday, and then one week from today on Christmas Day!  Cheers to All!