I know what you are thinking “Did Jim receive talent as an advanced Christmas gift this year?”  The answer is “no”.  The strip this week is the first part of a collaboration between The Brewery and the very talented Alexander Clare.  Alexander is a Pennsylvania based artist who made some waves in the beer world with his labels, beer artwork, comics in Philly Beer Scene, and of course chalkboard artwork.

Phil and I met Alex in New Brunswick a few weeks back and had a boozy adventure.  We drank many pints, shared many stories and even discussed some comics.  Needless to say, it was a partnership made in beer.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.  In order to fully appreciate this guest strip you need to take a trip back…

A few years ago Phil and I were drinking in a bar and we started discussing the idea of Christmas Strips.  We came up with the idea for the Polar Express… with a beery hook.  You see, the third most famous fictional train in the world behind The Polar Express and Thomas the Tank is the Coors Light train.  We were particularly tickled at the idea of a regular walking out of their bar on Christmas Eve and seeing the Coors Light train there ready to fill them with Christmas cheer and ice cold beer.

Through the years, we never got that idea on track (pun = nailed it).   We had some fun Christmas tales to tell through Happy Hour, but we never ever told a Brewery Christmas tale.  We wanted to do something special this year because we had more consistency and more success than any previous year with The Brewery.  We decided that some sick Guest strips for you to visually unwrap was more than perfect.  It was with this thought in mind that I dusted off our old idea and brought the pitch to Alex.  He dug it.

So, as a special Christmas Treat to all of you regular readers, we proudly present PART 1 of The Colder Express.