8 Beer-y nights

As Chanukah comes to a close this week I realize what a headache it must have been for my parents to come up with 8 nights worth of gifts for my brother and I.  I have a hard enough time making a decision on $15 Secret Santa gifts.  When shopping for the 8 perfect gifts for my Jewish friends I went to the place that I know best, the beer store.

With the popularity of beer pretty much being at an all-time high, a visit to any decent liquor store will yield enough of a selection to cover every Chanukah night for all of your Jewish associates.  Here are a few choices I recommend.

Shmaltz Brewing Company is an obvious choice for the first night as well as other nights.  Shmaltz, if you couldn’t tell by the name, has a ton of tasty beers with Jewish themes.  Most of their beers come in 22oz bottles perfect for gift giving.  I would suggest their He’Brew Jewbelation which changes from year to year.  The Jewbelation is definitely a sipping beer great for those chilly nights as it clocks in at around 17% ABV.

Sticking with big bottles I would then suggest grabbing a bottle or two of Dogfish Head.  If you regularly read The Brewery you can tell that we are huge fans of their stuff.  You are pretty much safe with any 22oz choice from them.  If you are lucky enough to come across a 12oz bottle of 120 minute IPA get it.  You’re friend or loved one will be your biggest fan.

Speaking of breweries that we are huge fans of, Sam Adams offers a lot of great choices.  Looking for something seasonal?  Try the Merry Maker.

What’s the best beer gift of them all?  Go with your favorite and tell them why you got it for them.  Or, if you have the time brew it yourself!  Nothing says I’m thinking of you this holiday season more than a fresh batch of home brew.  Plus if you’re really creative you can name it after them.  Anyone brewing something up for me feel free to use “Philsner” or “Best Beer News Writer Ever Ale”.

What’s your favorite beer gift you’ve ever received?  Let me know on twitter @brewerycomic