Drunks rejoice

Thanks to the brilliant marketing team over at Anheuser-Busch we now have 25oz cans, exactly 1oz larger than their competitors.  No longer must we suffer with the pathetic, almost insultingly small 24oz cans.  Now my massive grip will be getting the full respect that it deserves with these monster cans.  Also fear not as the 8% abv Natty Daddy will also be available in the 25oz variety, so you can truly get your drunk on at an ultra-value price.

I will say that I did come across these cans inside an arena.  They were priced the same as Miller and Coors, which are still producing their product at the miniscule, almost insatiable 24oz size can, so I realized the value of getting the extra oz when you are already paying $13.50 for a can of $2.00 beer