Home Brewed

Bit Strips, have you seen your Facebook flooded with these little talentless comics?  As someone who spends time creating multiple strips a week, I find this cookie cutter comic fad to be wretched.  Thank goodness there are still some passions that require time and effort, like brewing beer… or so I thought.

A successfully funded Kickstarter campaign will be bringing us the PicoBrew Zymatic: Automatic Beer Brewing Appliance in the year 2014.  You have probably never heard of it, but the PicoBrew is basically a Keurig (one of those coffee machines that uses the little pods) for home beer brewing.  You essentially load in your ingredients hit a button and make beer.  Sometime later the beer moves from the machine to a keg that is hooked up to it.   At this point you add yeast and wait about a week for the beer to ferment.  Then you hook the keg up to a kegerator or bottle the beer.  Simple as that.

Clearly this item will be on every man in the world’s wedding registry once it is released to the public.  In fact it will be the only thing on mine.

The PicoBrew is making home brewing an automated process.  It’s like using the microwave to cook a meal. Put some ingredients together; hit some buttons, and boom, BEER!  Beer deserves better than to be treated like the run of the mill I’m a lonely single man purchase of a Hungry Man Meal.  Beer deserves the love that goes into fine tuning the recipe and watching the temperatures and adding the hops yourself at the right times.

I love to bake and I always take the time to make my own dough and pie crusts instead of simply buying them.  It makes the finished product taste that much better and it’s that much more impressive when you go through the process with other patrons at the craft pie bar.

I will say I can see the potential of this machine.  It will allow brewers to run small batches of experimental or fun brews and see how they taste without taking up an entire tank.  Hell if you dropped one of these off at my house tomorrow I would gladly accept it with tears of joy in my eyes while naming you the patron Saint of Beer.  While I love to work from scratch, I am getting older and I have to pick and choose what I devote my spare time to.  As time moves forward and life events like kids are added to the picture, something like this will definitely help me continue to pursue my love of all things beer.

So while a beer making machine offers its own merits, a comic making machine does not.  Leave the comic making to the professionals.