You want me to drink what?

I think we all know that the Japanese are crazy when it comes to culinary culture.  The Japanese have invented the Iron Chef cooking competition.  Their vending machines offer items that could pass as gourmet in some Asian fusion bistros.  As you can expect, this is a far cry from the candy bars and chips we get here in the states.  The Japanese have gone and done it again!  They made something that I would give only one taste and then hope to never taste again.

Vampires can go ahead and suck it, now there’s GARLIC BEER!

Garlic producer Aomori has made a dark craft beer flavored with black garlic.  I have two problems here, 1. The brewer of this beer is a known garlic producer, not a craft brewer and 2. There is black garlic in a beer.

Black garlic, for those not in the know, is basically garlic that has been fermented until black.  And that is essentially it.

I’ve had pizza beer before and it’s not the best.  It literally tested like watery tomatoes with a hint of oregano, garlic, and beer.  I did not like it.

Garlic Beer is described as tasting completely normal after the first sip, but then all of a sudden there is a huge garlic after taste.  It’s like getting a kiss from your Italian grandmother on Sunday after she has been cooking “gravy” all day, only less hairy.

How does the Brewery feel you ask, well, after Moon Beer and Garlic Beer I can’t wait to go out and drink some plain old beer.  I’m about to get me a regular old fashioned Budweiser.


Also we can all thank Myles for this strip and blog as he was the one that pointed this out to us.  When it comes to stinky things, he’s on top of it.  If any of you out there find fun beer news please send it our way and you too can be like Myles and get mad brewery cred.