Don’t call it lager

There is nothing that pisses me off more than when some backwoods hick from PA calls Yuengling ‘lager’ and expects everyone to know what they are talking about  Lager, for those that are visiting this website for the first time or have zero knowledge of beer ever, is a STYLE of beer not the name of a beer.  This being Brewery #200 I think it’s about time we addressed this.

Years ago Yuengling was the best go to beer for the college aged student in the PA/NJ/NY area.  It tasted better than Natty and the Beast while it still maintained similar price point.  Then something happened. Yuengling changed. Somehow they got it in their heads that they are a ‘premium’ lager.  Which I found funny as their lager is far from premium.  I don’t know if the formula has changed but the taste of ‘lager’ is far from premium, in fact it’s awful.

There you go.  Although it may seem like I love every beer that passes these lips on this site, I do not.  “Lager” sucks.