The great pumpkin debate

In early September, right around the time that Pumpkin beer is beginning to show up everywhere, Beer Advocate retweeted a tweet that read “Pumpkin beer is the modern day equivalent of the mullet. Everybody that brewed one will be ashamed of it in a decade.”  Needless to say some people didn’t take it lightly.

One tweet in response to the “joke” said “Beer Advocate never ceases to advocate their doucheiness.”  I thought that one was pretty funny.  We love pumpkin beers here at The Brewery and their small August through October window is prefect.  Their spice and taste just reminds me of good times and are a great way to ease into the colder months.

I suppose whoever controls the twitter over at beer advocate thought that was funny or maybe they truly hate pumpkin beer.  I think they should keep their pumpkin beer opinions to themselves and just continue to support and promote beer and the brewing industry.  I know I’m going to sit back and enjoy some pumpkin beer as soon as I post this.