Cleanliness is next to godliness

And as we all know ‘Beer is proof that god loves us’.  So why not combine the two.  Continuing our Maine series, which caps with a 2 part interview with Shipyard Master Brewer Alan Pugsley, there was something else I brought home from Maine.  Some rounds of beer soap made with Shipyard and Seadog beer.

I got the blueberry soap, because the smell was simply amazing.  I placed it in my shower and you were able to smell the blueberries anywhere within 10 feet of the bathroom.  The second one I got was Pumpkinhead soap and it has a lovely spicy aroma that will have me smelling like Autumn for the entire season.  I can’t wait for that one.

Beer and soap just makes sense because Hops (you know what they are) are an antimicrobial, to inhibit bacteria growth, which will stop you from smelling terrible.

With the amount of sweaty, beer swilling dudes out there it’s good to know that beer is there for your taste buds and your pits.

First rule of beer soap club… talk about beer soap.