Football’s back!

No, not that boring NFL stop after every play crap.  I’m talking about Barclays Premier League.  Football! Soccer!  This year it’s under a new television contract here in the states with NBC Sports and they have been promoting the hell out of it and doing a great job in my opinion.  You can watch every game whether it’s on NBC Sports (formerly versus) or any of their sister stations, plus all of the games are streaming via the NBC Sports app.  The only catch is that if you want to watch you have to be up early as all of these games are in England, which I hope you knew.

Now to get started you need to pick a club.  I picked Spurs over 10 years ago and haven’t looked back.  Tottenham has become a part of my life and I love being incredibly passionate about my club.  You could say that ‘I’m Tottenham til I die’.

Great, got a club?  Hopefully you didn’t choose Arsenal because they are a bunch of scumbags.  Now you need a pub.  Find a bar that opens early (and serves booze as some places don’t in the AM especially on Sundays).  Then you go to that bar have them turn on your match and turn up the volume.  All good pubs put the game sound on.  Then you drink and sometimes you sing.  Drink Guinness, Bloody Marys, Tequila is always fun.  It’s also fun to find a supporters club like the NY Spurs, so you are not drinking and singing by yourself, which isn’t a bad thing, just a little weird.

Easy right?  Wrong.  There are a lot of ins and outs when it comes to being a supporter, so do your homework and become a fan of the beautiful game.