Leaving on a Jet plane…

I love airports.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I love them.

I mean obviously we all know that security sucks.  I’ve never really had an issue as I know the procedure and I’m damn quick about it.  Everything is out of my pockets and tucked into bags and my shoes are off before the TSA even knows that I am standing there.  Aside from the occasional inconvenience at security, the airport is a fun place for people watching and a great place to grab a drink!

It used to be that the airport was good for slamming back a few gin and tonics before your flight.  However, those days are over.  Craft Beer’s raising popularity has placed it prominently in the hands of thirsty travelers via emerging airport exclusive craft beer bars.

On a recent trip to the airport, my local airport being EWR (Newark International for those that don’t know airport codes), I was throwing some cocktails back in the President’s Club (yeah, that’s how I roll).  After enough hobnobbing, I found myself wanting to have a few beers closer to where I would be departing from.  I moved closer to my gate to see what was going on in the rest of the terminal.

Now free drinks are great, but I didn’t want to Tom Guiry things (Sandlot actor arrested at the airport recently for public intoxication and assault), so moving to another bar just made sense.  I found the Samuel Adam’s Beer Club near gate C112 and enjoyed a tasty Sam Adams Lager.  Now Sam may not be considered craft beer due to its huge popularity and distribution, but Sam is the father of craft beer and don’t you forget it.  Any way I was pleasantly surprised to find this place and now I am on a quest to find craft beer in other airports.

Speaking of Boston beer, a few months back I found myself in Boston’s Logan International (BOS) and inside there is not only Samuel Adams, but there is also a Boston Beer Works (a local microbrew) and a Harpoon Tap Room.  If the great city and rich history wasn’t enough to get you there perhaps a visit to one of these lovely craft brew destinations will peak your interests.

With craft beer popping up in airport terminals, I think we can officially say, “Don’t ever leave the airport.”