The Honeymoon is over

For those of you that were unaware Jim has recently returned from his honeymoon.  He is slightly tanner and still married, so without getting into any of the gory details we can all assume it went well.  Anyway I thought it would be fun to tell you faithful regulars why it’s called a ‘honeymoon’.

Well there are actually a bunch of Etymologies and origins for the term, but the one we here at The Brewery enjoy comes from Northern Europe.  It was said that newly wedded couples were given a month’s supply of Mead that was to be consumed every day during the first month of marriage.  Mead, a fermented drink that uses honey, is a symbol of fertility and happiness and the period of one month is your lunar cycle, hence honeymoon.  Get it? Great.

Next time you get married make sure you drink some Mead on your honeymoon.  I like B. Nektar Meadery, because they make good Mead and their labels are a lot of fun like the Necromangocon.  Check them out.