My friends call me Murphy

Recently I read an article that one of the best beach beers out there is from Detroit.  Yes, Detroit.  A place, as far as I know, completely devoid of beaches or a “beach” atmosphere.  The beer they were talking about is the Dirty Blonde from Atwater Brewery.   Not to say that I don’t like Atwater’s Blonde Ale, as I’ve never had it, but I find it hard to believe that some survey revealed that people are bringing it to the beach.  The article also mentioned Cigar City’s Florida Cracker, which I definitely understand and anyone who has been to this site before knows that the Tampa based brewery is one of my favorites.  The article also mentioned 21st Amendments Hell or High Watermelon, Maui Brewing’s Mana Wheat, and NOLA Brewing’s Blonde Ale.  I feel like the writer of this article just googled summer ales and went with the first few that he/she saw.

I’m sure these are all great choices, which leads me to the question, what is your favorite beach/pool beer?