Sam Wise Calagione

Hey BrewHeads!  Today we have a fun story for you.  Last week at the Firefly music festival our very own Frodo “Elijah Wood” Baggins was hobnobbing with none other than DogFish Head founder Sam Calagione.  They were seen together chatting and drinking beer.

In reality, this was probably nothing more than two creative, talented guys talking about life, their mutual respect each other’s body of work and music.  But if you’ll allow me, what if there was something more?  The hearts of men are easily corrupted.

Sam Calagione is no stranger to theme beers.  DogFish Head recently released the Faithfull Ale in honor of Pearl Jam, and they are even working on a Grateful Dead beer.  So is it possible that Sam and Elijah were pondering the possibility of a Hobbit Ale?  Were the thoughts of a Shire beer discussed?  It’s a possibility.  More than likely they were discussing Elijah’s record label Simian Records (they were at a music festival).

There are still 2 more Hobbit movies to come out, and plenty of time for a tie-in barley wine or mead.  After all, a beer tie-in seemed to work well for Game of Thrones.  I may not be as wise as Gandalf, but I’m willing to bet a Hobbit beer would pair quite well while watching the films and probably make a pretty penny.

One Beer to rule them all…