The Summer of Cans has been going strong since the first week of May.  Now that the first official day of summer, June 21st, is coming up, I no longer have to hear, “Phil, why is it the Summer of Cans when it’s not even summer yet.”  Well soon it will be and as I stated before the Summer of Cans is more about the act of grabbing your favorite canned beer and bringing it outside to you own backyard, or the beach, or the park (if you live near a park that allows alcohol consumption) and enjoying the day with friends.  I suppose you could do it without friends, but I would avoid the park.  It’s okay to drink in your own backyard alone or at the beach alone, but the park is just straight up creepy.  You know what, let’s play it safe and say no drinking in the park.

If you’ve been following along since May and/or have made the best purchase of your life in the form of a Summer of Cans t-shirt then you may have noticed that the Phil Grim Reaper on the back is holding a wizard stick.  What is a wizard stick?  Well a wizard stick is a game that you and your drinking age friends can play all summer long.

A Wizard Stick or a Wizard Stick Party (WSP) is when you and your friends get together to have a good time, while drinking as much beer as possible.  All the people at the party are referred to as Wizards and everyone attending is subject to the rules that you establish at the beginning of the party.  As a Wizard finishes a beer he or she then tapes the empty can to the empties they finished before, thus creating a Wizard Stick.  The bigger the wizard stick, the higher level that the wizard has obtained, thus making them more powerful.  As a higher level wizard you get special powers, like you could have a lower level wizard bring you another beer or if you are at a high enough level you can create a rule.

Not only is canned beer a better beer vessel than bottles, but you can also play a super fun game that involves little to no effort as you were probably going to drink those beers anyhow.  All you got to do is buy some tape


Also I had some tasty Blue Point Summer Ale cans this past weekend and plan on making it out to their brewery this coming Saturday.  It looks to be a nice day, so I am looking forward to the ride out to the south shore of LI.  We’ve had a ton of cans already this summer, which actually starts Friday as mentioned above, and are always on the look out for more.  Let us know what awesome cans you’ve had @brewerycomic or in the comments below.