Today is Father’s Day.  Father’s Day is a day where we celebrate the men who brought us into this world.  The day where many a tie is unwrapped.

Today though we are at the end of an era.  The father’s of today are more knowledgeable about beer.  They know the offerings.  They spent their college years trying all sorts of different beers, and if asked, they would probably tell you their favorite beer is of the craft variety.

But what about the father’s of yesterday?  What about the dad’s knocking on 60’s door who had limited offerings?  What about the dad’s that order an ice cold Coors Light and think that’s the best there is?

I have for several years now been working on the beer knowledge of not only my pop, but my uncle as well.  I tried desperately to peel back the lids of refusal and open their taste buds to more adventurous beers.  So far this has led me to an appreciation from my uncle, and a sour faced dad who likes to say things like “I hate those ales, they’re too bitter.”

So, when and if you see your dad today, I suggest bringing over a 6 pack of something new.  After all, he showed you how to stand up and pee and probably the difference between a flat head and a Phillip’s head screwdriver, the least you can do is give the man a tasty beer.