CANovation PART II

In CANovation Part I we discussed the invention of the pull tab on cans, and some of the more interesting can updates provided by Coors.  But is there more to be done to a beer can?

Aesthetically, there is a lot that is possible with a can.  You can shape it like a mini-keg (Heineken), you can bend the middle to give it a bowtie shape (Budweiser), you can even extend the lip (Sam Adams).  But we’re here for Can Innovation dammit!  We aren’t here just to make cans look pretty.

Well, look no further than Phoenixville Pennsylvania and the crafty people over at Sly Fox Brewery.

In an epic advancement in awesome can stuff our good friends over at Slyfox have developed a can that has the widest mouth any can has ever had. I say that because the new Slyfox Helles Golden lager can lid comes right off.  Yes the entire top of the can comes off like a soup can or a can of beans or some other can whose top comes entirely off.  The 360 lid (as it’s called) is like your own portable glass, even though it’s a can so you can take it anywhere you want because it’s a can! Get it?

Where can you find this innovation in can technology?  Well, currently these bad boys are being distributed in the PA, NJ, NY area wherever Slyfox is distributed.

In case you haven’t noticed over the past few weeks, I drink a lot beer out of cans and I love it. The can is the greatest vessel for beer that has ever existed.  Whether it’s a run of the mill can or one of these new CANovations, cans are amazing.

Truth be told, I’ve been talking about how awesome cans are since 2008 when I started the first ever Summer of Cans. Back then I thought a feat such as drinking only canned beer everyday throughout the summer would have been a difficult task.   Back then, it was.  Then as the years went by cans caught on and now you can’t go to a bar without a tasty beer can offering.

So, the next time you get that can at your local beer store or bar you can thank me. Seriously, I did this. This is all me.


The Summer of Cans rolls on.  Let us know if you want to join the club and we’ll tell ya how.