Great Responsibility…

MillerCoors (the joint distribution venture in North America that attempts to compete with Bud) has a new campaign going on that takes the now infamous line from Spiderman and turns it into something interesting.  “With Great Beer, Comes Great Responsibility”.  When I first heard this I thought that it was just a way to get you to think about Miller Lite with a clever play on the Spiderman line.  After some research I found that it was actually a campaign to curb drunk driving.  Not as exciting, but still clever.  It’s better than the Budweiser one with the little girl getting everything she wanted, but then asks her Dad to by alcohol and he refuses.  That commercial made me want to hit little kids, have a couple of beers, and then drive somewhere.  Way to go Bud.

There’s something about a superhero drinking in a bar that makes me smile.  I would assume that it takes a superhero a lot longer than a normal person to get to the point where they would be incapable of doing their job, or driving.  I guess the human superheroes (Iron man and Batman) wouldn’t fall into this category.  Enough nerd talk.

This week we drank Orange Blossom brewed by Buffalo Bill Breweries.  It was a like a Blue Moon, but you wanted to drink it.  Now that’s a review.


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