Hallowed Grounds

I have three beverages I drink at any given time. I will start with the most obvious one, water. Everyone drinks water. My 2nd and 3rd beverages are coffee and if this comic was any indication, beer. Water is used to make beer and it is used to make coffee. In fact, the worst kind of beer and coffee are the ones that taste too watery. I am looking at you Coors.

So let us take water out of this discussion and focus on beer and coffee. What if there was an effective way to mix my coffee with my beer. Not only would I have the perfect morning drink, I would have a full Venn diagram of my beverage intake with proper crossover. Those annoying baristas over at Starbucks have the answer to my problem.

Justin Burns-Beach who works for Starbucks research and development department has come up with a new drink that combines a beer with coffee. He’s calling it “The Espresso Cloud”.

I actually think that’s a terrible name, but I won’t complain too much because it’s a half step above “beeroffee”.  So here is the pitch, the drink takes an IPA, then the barista with take some espresso over ice shaken with orange pieces and some sweet vanilla. The process creates a nice creamy foam which is placed on top of the beer creating a frothier head to the beer. The left over espresso is then poured into the beer giving a nice cascading cloudy effect.

I can honestly say that sounds delicious. Unfortunately, it might take a while to find out. This drink is only offered at participating Starbucks who have an evening menu. For those wondering, that is only at 70 locations at this time. Not one of those 70 are located in beautiful New Jersey.  Seattle, DC and Manhattan claiming the bulk of those locations.

It’s 2016, experiment on your own. It’s amazing the amount of cocktails or flavored beers you can whip up with some trial and error. If you can make it to a Starbucks that offers “The Espresso Cloud” go for it. It will give you a nice pick me up and then let you down at the same time… kind of like marriage and the New York Jets.